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Deck Lighting Ideas for Beginner

Deck Lighting Ideas for Beginner

Deck lighting ideas for beginner interior design, I think this sentence is quite appropriate for me since I did not have any experience in decorating the lamps. Anyhow, everything is going to be alright as long as you use your creativity and desire. In the lamp world, there are so many variation of shapes, sizes, and finishing’s. You only need to pick the matching one for your already decorated deck. Consider about the function too because a small desk deck lamp will not suitable for a large outdoor deck.

Examples for deck lighting ideas

Here I will give you some example to decorate your deck with lamps. As usual before you buy the lamps, you need to pay attention to your deck decoration’s theme. For cottage theme, it will be perfect if you use the desk lamps with antique finishing enhancing the mood of a cottage’s deck. If you have the modern outdoor decoration, then using tall modern floor lamps will be fit in. Perhaps you have the romantic decoration then the chandeliers with obscure lamps will increase the mood.

Deciding the lamp’s energy for deck lighting

Using the outdoor lamps for your deck surely has to ensure the brightness will be enough to cover the entire deck. Some people just loved the obscure lights so they can have the romantic feeling when they are out. To have this brightness, you need a small energy lamp, for about maybe 5 watt – 10 watt. If you like your deck is clear enough, and then you need to choose the white bright lamp for about 20 watt or more. Usually the larger the lamp’s energy, the fewer number or lamps you need, and this kind of lamp is take place in the center of your deck. Nowadays there is a modern way to adjust the brightness you need. They use a kind of turning button on it.

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