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How to choose jewelry for bridesmaids

How to choose jewelry for bridesmaids

After all the wedding supplies we prepared well, the next step we need to consider is bridesmaid. What kind of dress they will wear, about bridesmaid jewelry they will wear, and about shoes should they wear. Clothes, jewelry and shoes should match with the theme of the event that we hold, whether in the garden or indoors, or other themes.

For bridesmaid dresses is must simple but elegant look. For bridesmaid jewelry not too excessive, just use necklace and earrings. The necklace and earrings must suit with the dress that we used, shoes also should adjust with the dress we worn. The bridesmaid dresses colors must also noteworthy, that must accordance with theme we want. To select jewelry for bridesmaids, consider the following matters, what kind of jewelry to wear, find out whether the jewelry will cause allergies or not.

The chosen of the model must be the same for all, usually the most widely used is earrings and necklaces, and some are adding brooches. On the use of earrings for bridesmaid jewelry, adjust the posture of the bridesmaid, is it better to use a pearl studs or who uses a pendant, face shape also needs to be taken into account.

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