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Minimalist House Covered Patio Ideas

Minimalist House Covered Patio Ideas

Covered patio ideas for minimalist house are very miscellaneous. Start from the simple until the glamour design. Covered patio is the main part of house, because it is the place for gathering with our family in the patio. Almost people use covered patio for their house, covered patio is very important because it is the relax place of our house and give the protection from rain and sun light when we sit there. Sometimes it a comfort place to relax in the evening to watch the stars, from there we can see the stars in the sky clearly. Minimalist house is the luxury house which has small size.

The Example of the Minimalist House Covered Patio Ideas

The wide area which is like traditional building can be second room for achieve guest especially families. We just add the chair and table; it will become a right place for gathering with family or someone special. We can also use the covered patio to be a place for eat, when make an event or etc.

The Functions of Covered Patio

The first function of patio is patio as a living room. This is logical thing because there are chairs and table in patio if possible you can put the one set of sofa in patio. Second, patio is use for dining room. When you use this area for dining room, you should put on the minimalist equipment so that it will look simpler but luxurious, without heavy impression. We can use for barbeque party. The last is patio use for family room. Family room should be comfort place and large place which use for chat with the family and play with the children and other activities that do together by the family. Covered patio is right place for gathering with family. You can plant the green plants or flowers to make it fresher.

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