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Minnie Mouse Birthday Decorations Ideas

Minnie Mouse Birthday Decorations Ideas

Minnie Mouse birthday decorations are among the popularly chosen theme for kids’ birthday party decoration. Obviously since this one is a popular choice there will be so many items in relation to this matter that could be found in many stores both online and offline. Yet for those who want to save up a bit of budget or simply want to be more personal and unique could try to create their own DIY decorative pieces having Minnie Mouse theme.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Decorations: Wreath

There is the so called Minnie Mouse wreath as one of the easy to make DIY decorative pieces in an authentic Minnie Mouse theme decoration. This one is a lightweight piece of decoration that many people and kids love. You could get this done and ready by just using 24″ hoola hoops, 36″ hoop, duct tape, and also plastic table cloths in multiple colors that are the common colors of the Minnie Mouse itself. Cut the whole tablecloths into 12″ strips. Secure the hoops all together using duct tape. The large one will be the head whole the smaller hoops will be the ears. Once attached then place the table cloth strips over the hoops and secure them. Use the appropriate variation of the colors of the tablecloth creatively.

Minnie Mouse Decoration: Place Mats

Another piece to make is the place mats that could really be a great decoration to the tables. You will need to prepare black construction paper, napkins in authentic colors of Minnie Mouse, plastic cutlery, and also outlining stickers of Minnie Mouse. Cut the paper in 11,5″ circle for one piece and also two pieces of the 5″ circle. The big one will be the head while the smaller ones will be the ears. Simply attach the napkins on the previously cut construction paper to resemble the Minnie Mouse face shape.

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