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Wedding Cake Topper for Small Cake Size

Wedding Cake Topper for Small Cake Size

Can we put wedding cake topper on the small cake size? That must be a big question for you. Okay, we know about that. In your mind, you might think that the cake topers must be for the large and big size of wedding cake. Is that right? Well, actually it is not a must. The small wedding cake can be put with the toppers also. But there must be some conditions. Here, we will talk about that. We will discuss about how to put wedding cake topper to the small cakes. Are you interested in following this?

How to Put Wedding Cake Topper

Of course you should make sure that the toppers are in your hands first. There are so many options for you to deal. Please go to the shops for buying wedding cake topper. Or you may use simple ideas for toppers such as putting fruits or candies. That might be simple ideas. But they will make your wedding cake looks different. Then, you just put the toppers in the center of the cake. Be careful in putting the toppers. Don’t make any mistakes so that the cake pastry looks bad.

Dealing with the options of wedding cake topper, we have some recommendations for you. There are monogram cake topper, ethnic wedding cake topper, hunter wedding cake toppers, etc. You just have to see the color of the pastry first before deciding to take certain toppers. Of course the cake design will be excellent if you select the good toppers which are suitable for the cake design. For this special treatment, your mind should be trained.

Okay, do you still think that the small wedding cake cannot be put with wedding cake topper? After following this discussion, of course you will have a new idea then. Furthermore, please decorate your wedding cake by putting wedding cake topper.

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